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It’s an utter mess, but there is no turning the clock back. No amount of money fixes the problem as management have proven whatever they promise today can be removed tomorrow. An employment contract means nothing unless you’re based. Oh, wait…

Snap back to COS08? How quickly we’ve forgotten. Do you not remember that in 2016 you were offered COS08 plus 8% and voted that offer down? The world was a lot cheaper in 2016 than today, Hong Kong was a better place to live, we believed our employment contract meant something and we all had the option of finishing our career on a base, yet COS08 plus 8% wasn’t good enough.

So is COS08 (minus the base option) in 2022 going to fix management’s problem? Not even close. No amount of money changes the fact we are just mercenaries temporarily working for an employer that can’t be trusted.

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