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Not at all, just look at what's going on in Ukraine or with the health service and even the 737 max debacle.
I'm lucky and far better men than me haven't been as fortunate especially those in the war.
I've had 55 years of flying plus two paragliding flights today in spite of the heat wave. (39,C).

It would be classed as a training accident nowadays basically caused by ignoring the manufacturers operating recommendations and introducing an ill conceved and ridiculous, inefficient noise abatement procedure.
The warning signs were ignored just as they had been prior to the Munich disaster.
P2 was not qualified, the captain was unfit and everything was wrong with the company stall procedures in practice including an absence of one which was hastily written, back dated issued to all pilots after the accident and included in the manuals presented at the inquiry.
Fortunately the high standard amongst the majority of the pilots followed by the merger with BOAC philosophies changed everything but not before a few more accidents.
Don't believe everything you read on wiki.
I would be interested if the inquiry testimonies have been published and if someone can supply a link as there are a couple I omitted to properly read when I discovered them hidden in the old BA museum.
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