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There already is a pilot shortage at cx.

G hughes admitting publicly that cos18 is not cutting it, IS admitting they miscalculated and bow they have to hire 700 pilots PLUS 800 cadets in an effort to get back to normalcy. That's how many they're short now to meet their plans, and it's spiraling further each month. All those with children had made plans and preparations to leave this summer when kids are out of school so they can start the new school year in September ahead of cx cutting their education allowance. All the rest have made plans to leave by the end of the year ahead of housing allowance being cut by 2/3. Once the momentum has been established which it has, it's impossible to stop.

A few days before all this was admitted to, at a board meeting attended by that monumental waste of oxygen Augusta prang the all important subject of recovery plan was being discussed. Various planning preparations obviously need to be reviewed and executed. They're having no luck attracting employee candidates for ANY level job. The 600 pound elephant in the room is the pilot jobs. It takes years+$$$$$$$ to train them etc. Unless you hire "expats", which at cx historically takes 6 months+$$$ of qualification.

The inevitable question was asked :"so what is the plan to hire these needed pilots to be able to execute this recovery?" Specifically from where are we hiring the 700 direct entries and just how will we have the capacity to train the other 800 cadets we're going to hire and train for the next few years? There was no answer from anyone. They have very few pilot candidates, qualified or not.

It was generally admitted that the recovery plan can't be done as planned. They were planning on being at 60% total capacity by September. It's already obvious they can't do that.

The idiotic statements they keep making about how cos 18 is being constantly "reviewed & adjusted" is a big joke. Nothing short of a snap back to cos 08 will even get anyone's attention. The negligable amounts they plan to keep raising it until exodus slows down will not achieve anything. And since they've permanently lost all credibility as an employer, they now have to pay even more than before to get expats to risk going to work for them. Even Cos 08 will not be enough going forward. What they have fkkkd up cannot be unfkkkd without ridiculous amounts of money being spent, whether to attract expats again or the cost of so many cadets having to be trained from scratch over the years to come.

Then there's the inevitable hull loss or two coming cathay's way in the near future. That'll cost them too.

How historically incompetent and stupid cx board could have been to miscalculate this so badly? Who is stupid enough to let these fools manage their money and assets in the form of an airline? Who is stupid enough to buy or hold cx stock? Who's stupid enough to have an opportunity for another job and stay at cx?

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