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Originally Posted by NutLoose View Post
Could you not have simply adjusted the angle of dangle of the wings? It sounds like the cams are both out.
I found the video interesting….I always imagined the adjustment mechanism was much more involved than that. The “cams” work on the same principle as adjustable camber bolts on car suspension.

I’ve previously mentioned one Cessna I flew on my pre-GFT revision flight. It had just come out of long term maintenance and was found to sharply drop a wing when stalling. Myself and my instructor had to practice a full spin and recovery in it (it was in the PPL syllabus back then in 1973). I entered the spin in the normal way but it did something very strange and we ended up in an inverted spin with the prop stopped. My instructor asked me what I intended to do about it and I said “pull back instead of push?”. He nodded, I did and it came out again. It was grounded and the wing incidence was quite a way out. Now I know how.
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