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Difficult to comment without knowing the context of the demo, (which looks kind of [email protected]), but:

Trousers look practical.

Is a tie part of the range? If not, what's the point of the wedgewood long-sleeve, collared, shirt? What about a tangle-free bow-tie. Or a cravat might work.

Why the positive/negative contrasted long-sleeved shirts? (or are they jackets)? Do we get a choice? (Dark with pale front, or vice-versa).

Same as everyone on the rolled-up-sleeve-retainers.

Why complicate the rank-tabs with a trade specialisation? Won't this just complicate the logistics if Stores have to carry every rank in every specialisation? (Worst job I ever had was working in clothing stores at Spectrum Cloudbase HQ. Captain Scarlet comes in wanting a replacement cap. "Sorry Captain, I've got scarlet caps in every size except six-and-seven-eighths. But I do have your size in green, blue, white, taupe ......).
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