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Originally Posted by Bob Viking View Post

1. I spend 99.99% of my time at work in a flying suit.
2. This may well be a display of sample uniforms and may not be a final product (I genuinely have no idea).
3. I will have left before any of this hits the streets.

Now my thoughts.

On the whole I quite like the look of it.

I hate our current scratchy trousers and cheap shirts. None of it fits properly and it looks bargain basement.

A lot of the stuff on display (which may or may not end up being the final product) looks a lot more comfortable and practical than the current offering.

I suppose the only fault is that it is new and of course change is always a bad thing. Especially in PPRuNe world. I mean what would Trenchard say?!

Exactly the same feelings BV. I think this offering is slightly better than the last. I wasnít looking forward to wearing skintight Lycra, not at my age! Thank god for flying suits.
Iím standing by for the usual suspects who will no doubt be apoplectic with rage.
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