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Originally Posted by uxb99 View Post
Since I was a kid I've been fed on the notion that the good guys always win.
Now we have Russia and China threatening this very notion.
The West is in a very weak position.
So what will happen if the bad guys win this time? If Russia and China dominates what can we expect over the next 10, 20, 30 years?
A very multifaceted and complex question there. "The West" and "Good Guys" can have multiple definitions. Are you talking about Western Civilization that originated out of Ancient Greece about 2500 years ago? One could say Russia would be a part of the West, or at least Orthodox Christian culture being very similarly related to the nations of Eastern Europe? Or the West as in the Western order post 1945 NATO/US hegemony?

If we look through 2500 years of history, or even post 1945 history there would be a lot of people disagreeing with the notion "the West" are always the "good guys" and have "always won" (maybe the people of Vietnam would have something to say about that.....). This may be how popular culture and the media you consume portray it but it isn't always the case. When you say "the Bad Guys" who's perspective is that from? China's Belt and Road Initiative is building a lot of sorely needed infrastructure in the 3rd world, something the West has generally failed to provide. For instance the Chinese have just completed a high speed rail line through Laos. In opposition the biggest contribution to Laos of the USA, which doesn't have a single kilometre of high speed track itself, was about 2 million tonnes of bombs dropped on the country. So from the perspective of the Lao people they may be a bit confused with your definition of "good and bad" guys.

There's also the issue of globalization and the third world constantly catching up to the West in living standards and economic power. If you take Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilizations definition of "the West" as primarily the Anglosphere and Europe the West only comprises 11% of the world's population. Eventually the remaining 89% of the non Western world will catch up and will dominate over the West.

There's a really interesting map you can find via an internet search. It's a world map with a circle around a relatively small proportion of the world, encircling India, China, Korea, Japan, Indochina and South East Asia. However there are more people on this planet who live inside the circle than outside it. Eventually it will be the world's dominant economic region, and maybe even it's dominant cultural one? From about the year 0 to 1800CE China and India were the two most dominant world economies. The rule of the British East India Company in India from the mid 1700s and the Opium Wars in China in the mid 1800s put an end to that up until the last few years, so what we are seeing as a shift of global power away from the West to the East may just be a return to a pre 1800 historical norm.

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