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Exactly. I remember one time I was clearing security at WAW and I saw an EK crew. I asked them "Hey, I left Dubai some 16 years ago, is it really that bad now". And they literally told me "Don't believe everything you read on PPRuNe.

I get that some of you may be frustrated because your expectations were unrealistic. You thought you'd fly in Emirates like an airline pilot in the 80s. Don't blame other people for that and let them be interested in this company. I know personally people who are there perfectly happy more than 10 years later. I also know people who are not happy and people who have left (some regret having left, like a captain in my current company).

The reality is that back in 2005, I remember people saying "Emirates is not what it used to be back in 95, those were the days". Today there's people idealizing the 2000s and hating the current times. Nothing has changed.
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