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Originally Posted by Spongeboeing View Post
Flight and duty time limitations apply in Emirates too. Being tired is not the same as being fatigued. Tiring is having 10 hours duties 5 days in a row, 4 turnarounds each day with 25 minutes stops (slots, ground staff shortages, weather, etc). And on top of that you're responsible of keeping your uniform clean, bringing food to work in Tupperware, getting yourself to work and hoping that you're working from your base instead of having to look and pay yourself for a hotel to spend the nights between duties when rostered out of base. This is how you work in any profitable European company keeping people employed.

If on a 9 day BKK SYD AKL you're spending your layovers partying like an animal, then of course you're gonna be tired and fatigued. If you're fatigued at Emirates, I don't know of any company that you wouldn't be fatigued in. If your idea of a jet career is to fly 50h per month then maybe long haul passenger operations are not for you.

Airline flying is a demanding job, both physically and mentally. People who come to read this thread aren't idiots. They've considered their options and have chosen to pursue a career flying long haul in a company like Emirates. They know they'd fly a lot and they also know about the benefits they'd enjoy.
So you are happy having 8-10 days off flying half the globe and back. And constantly have a ULR followed by three India night turns? Because this is the norm once all 380 are airborne again.

so why is it than, that Lufthansa,KLM, Air France and Swiss pilots are in general happy with their duties, part time models and the possibility of commuting to their long haul duties. why are they not with EK if this company is so much better than the rest?
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