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Originally Posted by Spongeboeing View Post
Some of you have to realize that there are people here working as contractors, without basic salary and with a very unstable income that goes from crazy well paid in summer to barely enough in winter, without any real capacity to make predictions on how the rest of the year will be and no security provided by a proper contract with a basic salary. There are people paying for their own hotels during out of base duties and simulator. They're paying for their uniform, their medical and even have money deducted for their simulator. And these weren't the conditions they signed up for when they first joined. They're also being thrown around across the different bases as they wait endlessly to be based where they want to be based. And then some of you complain about hard work at EK, jetlag and who knows what else. When you have a REAL reason to defend the opinion that XXX company has poor conditions when you can make a case. Otherwise it's just complaining as a sport. I've been in aviation since 2005. I did work for EK in the past. People always found reasons to complain.
Well said. Many other airlines out there have so much worse T+Cs.

My previous outfit we had an ex EK guy 15 years come and work for us for a while. He said it was so much harder than his time at EK.

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