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"Bo0m" Couldn't agree more. Am so sick and tired of people in these neighbourhoods complaining about this. The 2nd runway has been in the works for decades and there was plenty of consultation, I remember seeing the BNE bus for many months in many areas around Brisbane.

These people that are complaining live within 7km of a major airport and they are complaining about flights. It has done nothing to your house value and generally these are very wealthy areas, maybe invest in double glazing, insulation and other methods to mitigate the noise. Also if you are going to complain about the flights how about you also start complaining about people in their Ferrari's, porches and lambos that drive along kingsford smith drive and crosby road at a 100km/h.

There is barely 10 flights between 2200 and 0600, most of these departures as well are with modern quiet aircraft. What was the point of a second runway if you put in a curfew and limit movements. I also find it interesting with people suggesting everything just take off and depart over the bay. I wonder how eager they will be to be on a flight that has to accept a 10 knot tailwind to avoid taking off into the wind. You also have the Greens saying they are all about climate change, yet they are happy for aircraft to be flying alot more track miles, burning more fuel, all for the sake of not flying over a house at 2,000+ feet.

Stop complaining about progress, or if you don't want any noise then move to the country. And before anyone complains, I used to live in Newstead, had constant construction and pile driving from 6am, 6 days a week. I moved to somewhere closer to the airport and even with the aircraft, its a hell of alot quieter then construction.
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