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Nutloose, we did that also. The shop had put the plane back together extremely well, so only a very minor cam change was required. The plane flew nearly hands off first flight, and perfectly the second flight. 185 amphibs are even less good in yaw than most Cessnas, as the water rudder system friction adds to the rudder friction, and reduces self centering and thus apparent rudder free directional stability. Interestingly, adjusting the cams on Cessna wings must be done with thought, as that adjustment puts a minute sweep into that wing, either forward or aft. Both wings must sweep the same way, or the plane will be imperfect (for a Cessna) in yaw if one wing is swept forward, and the other aft. It's a very tiny change, but I have found it can cumulatively affect things during previous post maintenance set up flying I've done in the past.

This exercise was needed because the hole in the [should have been installed] 185 wings for the stall warning pneumatic opening, is in a different location along the leading edge radius than the hole for the vane switch of the 182Q wings. We did not want to cut a slot in the leading edge of the wing to position the pneumatic stall warning part much farther up at the correct aerodynamic position for the 185. My 100 MPH tape trick achieved the objective without cutting a slot in the leading edge of the wing - which would have looked horrible!
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