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Originally Posted by Traffic_Is_Er_Was
It seems to be what some sections of GA do best?

That's only if the services provided are essentially similar, and the prices are fixed. H's Law says that if the prices are not fixed, companies will modify them to compete, thus it is in their best interests to be as far apart from each other as possible so they face less competition. There's a reason Coles and Woolies are generally at the opposite ends of the shopping centre from each other, or not co-located at all.
But Coles and Woolies are BOTH at the shopping centre. Hotelling is why you find hungry jacks, KFC and Maccas clustered. Consumers like choice. That is why we have open air markets and historic localities in old cities for goods such as jewellery, leather goods, even electronics, etc. It is also partly why we have medical industry clusters like the Parkville strip.

43 inches is right about YMPCK it is too late. The real estate creeps have been telling prospective buyers around Point Cook: “Oh the airbase? I hear it’s closing next year”. They have been lying about that for at least 15 years. I remember angry residents with airbase protest signs on their front lawns circa 2005.

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