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Forever quarantined

Even if the HK government finally comes to its senses and decide to scrap quarantine, mask and compulsory testing....nothing will change for the pilots.

Tourists, bankers and so on are vital for the city. But why would they change the rules for us? We are a minority and could keep working in those conditions forever. If things get better, other airlines will replace us even if we leave.

So, for those hesitating and hoping to see HK opening, well, tough luck, because even if it opens, we will still have to quarantine, be tested all the time and most of all, be quarantined in every hotel overseas. To me, being able to visit places is kind of part of the perks in this job, but I'm pretty sure it won't happen before 4 to 5 years, which is a big part of my career. So what's left of it? After 5 years it'll be 7 years of doing a job in bad conditions, not being able to upgrade because everything is frozen, having to do compulsory jabs of a vaccine that doesn't work and seeing pilots from other countries enjoying normality.... This is utter lunacy.

I know that most people 'cannot' leave, but it's not only about leaving, it's about changing job.
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