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I get your drift, Clinton. It would certainly be far better if CASA didn't effectively have the power to set standards and limits as they do now, even though the Governor General signs the CASRs into law and they are tabled in parliament, if I understand correctly.

That's where a big part of the problem lies - every lawmaker knows about speed limits and road rules, but very few of them would have a clue about the ramifications of various parts of CASRs. They just get waved in front of politicians' faces and accepted without a whimper, as far as I know.

If CASA wasn't the standard setter, wouldn't you have to create some other so-called expert body to do that part, thereby creating even more bureacracy and red tape? I fully agree CASA is dysfunctional, and taking the standard setting role away from it makes great sense in that context, but who then drafts the rules and confirms they are fit for purpose? I don't know the answer, but I don't think it's as straighforward as road rules.
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