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What would change in the Act, though? Section 9A already requires consideration of economic impact etc, and is (rightly in my view) subject to the requirement that safety of air navigation is the most important aspect. I doubt you'd get that written much differently no matter who was pushing the agenda.

The real problem is getting those broad statements of intent, which are really what law is as far as I can tell, translated into stuff that really works for the aviating public and industry. By all means, if a minister can make that happen, bring it on, but I can't see it happening when no minister can really be expected to give too much attention to anything that's not going to directly keep them and their party in the job.

That's why I talk about someone closer to the coal face with integrity being needed (and I use the term somewhat loosely of course seeing as they're not really down in the weeds). I reckon Mark Skidmore should have been way more publicly vocal and active. None of the others in recent times have had the background or inclination to do anything of value, but rather have been content to take the money and talk themselves up.
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