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Sandy Reith
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It’s very important for us to have a common and principal request to government, that is, that we ask government to assume control of the administration of Australia’s aviation regulation.

We must have ‘expectations’ of a far improved system and it’s only through a Minister with a Department can this happen. To make that happen there will have to be an Act of Parliament.

Talk of some super hero who takes charge of CASA, changes the ‘culture,’ and makes the sweeping changes that we all wish to see is wishful thinking.

The only way to change ‘culture,’ whatever that means to different people, is to change the rules. As the old adage has it, grab them…handcuffs?.. and their hearts and minds will follow. You don’t go along to to any bureaucracy and say “please be nice” and think all will be well. The settings of power through our democratic institutions have taken a few hundred years to evolve and we’ve nothing better to date, this is a learned system that works by accounting for human nature.

We have to work at it. My thinking is we need to engage, to a much greater degree, with our MPs who are paid to represent us, the constituents. Ask them questions such as do you support reform for General Aviation? Protest at unreasonable medical examination requirements, etc. I speak to mine whenever presented with an opportunity and write reasonably often.

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