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tony draper
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One knew that Mr Bre901, one was being ironic, hmmm thats not really irony, dunno what it would be classed as, lets just say one was indulginging in strange Brit humour.

Seems to me that those involved in the world of poplar music do not have a lot of luck flying,we also lost John Denver quite recently in one of those back to front Dick Rutan airyplanes.

Facinating documentry on channel four at the mo, about a great German POW escape in Welsh Wales during WW2, one is familiar of course with our POW chappies digging tunnels hither and yon all over Germany, but the idea of our chums from sausage side doing the same, seems strange.
Don't think any of them made it home though, lot to be said for living on a island, least it was a island until they dug that poxy tunnel.

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