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Originally Posted by flugas View Post
I'm sorry that I cannot give you better news.

I'm an FI in the EU myself and from my point of view, obtaining a visa to work as an FI or pilot in an EU country is close to impossible at the moment. If a flight school tells you otherwise, it is likely that they are not telling you the truth.

There are more pilots than jobs in Europe right now and becoming a pilot, in financial terms, is not to be recommended in Europe (my personal opinion, I have a second career besides flying).
Thats the best description!!
There will be some schools that will help you get a visa and tell you a beautiful story like ďif you do your FI course with us and PASS ALL CHECK RIDES, you will get a job with us at the endĒ etc; Donít fall for this. You are almost guaranteed to fail something so that you donít end up employed with them. (Mostly Eastern European schools)
The second problem will be your nationality: You donít have an EU working permit. If by some miracle you get an interview, they will tell you to get a work permit first. If you go to the immigration and apply for a work permit, they will first ask you for a work contract. So, you will go around the circle until you give up.
Third: The Aviation market is barely picking up and recovering from Corona. There are literally thousands of unemployed pilots with thousands of hours and type ratings. If an employee advertises for a job, there are hundreds applying for it. If your dad, uncle, cousin etc isnít already working at that company, your CV has literally no chance for consideration.
Currently, even the big name flight schools like Lufthansa flight academy is advising people not to apply to their school and choose another career path. L3Harris has already closed its basis in NZ, Portugal and Bournemouth UK due to lack of interests.
My advice, at least for now, stick to your branch and forget about EU and aviation for now

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