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Post Better not to fly in Iran - Where should I start my aviation training?

Hi everybody,
I'm Aria. Male 26 y/o from Iran.
I got a BS degree in software engineering. I always wanted to become a commercial pilot and fly big planes.

For some unknown reasons I studied software engineering instead of aviation at university.

Now, after finishing my software engineering course, I want to start flight training.

But I have some problems and questions that I hope I find their answers here.

I have now reached a point of confusion where I think I have to give up the dream of being a pilot, which is very difficult and heavy for me.

As you know, my country, Iran, has been subjected to brutal international sanctions that have no effect on the Iranian islamic regime and all of its pressure is on the Iranian people.

As a result of these sanctions, no Iranian airline company can buy a new passenger plane, so Iranian airlines use 30 - 40 y/o aircrafts.

On the other hand, the salary of airline pilots in Iran is about of the usual salary of pilots in other countries, which is sad.

If you have heard, a few years ago, a Ukrainian flight was hit by 2 missiles near Tehran in Iran, in which a large number of Iranian citizens who were students in Canada and a number of Ukrainian citizens and all flight crews had died. The people in Iran are complaining about this act and blaming the government but they are not able to do anything. (I can not post links here yet so for more information about this incident you can search wikipedia for Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752.)

These are some of the reasons that flying in Iran is not a good idea.

If you check Iran's air traffic, you will see that planes approaching Iran's air border change their flight path so as not to enter Iran's sky, which is a wise thing to do.

I want to start flight training to get an ATPL certificate and after finishing it, I want to find a pilot job (airline, cargo, charter,...) that is not an easy work anywhere in the world.

If I could participate in a cadet program, my path to a pilot job would be much easier, but unfortunately all airline cadet programs have nationality or passport restrictions, so I can not participate in these programs. And I have to get an ATPL certificate myself and find a job.

Since no airline hires an inexperienced foreign pilot, I need to find a pilot job or flight instructor job to gain the necessary flight hours and experience.

I thought that after finishing my flight training in Europe and getting an EASA fATPL, I could find a pilot job offer or a flight instructor job, and after getting a permanent residence in one of the European countries I will be hired by a European airline. But finding a job offer after completing the flight training in Europe as a foreigner is not so easy, and I might remain unemployed with an EASA ATPL in my hand, which is not my ultimate goal.

For me, Asia, Europe, Africa or the Americas do not matter, as long as I do not have a visa problem, the only important thing for me is to have a pilot job at the end.

If the situation in Iran was better, I would have done it in Iran, but doing it in Iran is a big risk at the moment.

Does anyone know what path I have to take to reach my goal? In which country should I train? And in which country can I find a job and gain experience? And where can I find an airline job? PlEaSe HeLp! Recently I became very sensitive because I could not find a solution and I planned to cry regularly because I could not find any other way.

PS 1
While searching among European flight schools, I came across the Fly By Cadet program (I can't post links here so you can google FlyBySchool dotcom and check their Cadet Program), which was my closest encounter with a suitable plan. The proposed flyby program also includes one year of flight instructor job, but unfortunately I do not know what I can do after completing one year of work.

A number of other European flight schools I saw on the internet:
panamedia Spain
qualityfly Spain
ftejerez Spain
barcelonaflightschool Spain
aviomar Italy
l3harris airline academy UK Portugal
osm aviation academy Norway
bartoliniair Poland
airwaysaviation France
egnatia-aviation Greek
afta Atlantic Flight Training UK
aviationacademy Austria
baatraining Lithuania
airbus flight academy France

The last two schools on the list don't accept Iranian students because of sanctions.

I also saw these websites [ aviation career center in slovenia ] [ aerocadet US ] but they don't have a clean record on google reviews and they use images downloaded from Google.

PS 2
The United States rejects many Iranian visa applications because of political conflicts.

PS 3
Someone told me to go to Canada and become a flight instructor there. Do you think I will find a flight instructor job there after my training?
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