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There can be consequences - back in the day with the introduction of the MD500D version the MR TT Straps had a propensity to crack.

It was found in one environment that due to the FWD C of G being the more prevalent flight regime the straps did not crack as much or as often.

The fix by MD (Hughes at the time) was to remove some of the the horizontal stabiiser "nose up" trim and change the flapping angles between the mast and the head as evidenced by resultant cyclic displacement.

Granted AFT C of G changes the body angle on the cab which reduces drag in some cases but the poor old rotor has to deal with increased bending angles and flapping angles which can have knock on effects.

i.e. the Bell 212 can be flown fast but you better have deep pockets as they beat themselves to bits and eat flight control components.
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