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The AIP chart posted at #32 by Bloggs (2019 edition) has 3 OCA(H)s. Jeppesen only follows that and Lido gents as well.

There is no hidden magic. Why the step-down fixes are there nor what is their effect on MDA and the purpose they serve.

Why the regulator chose to publish the 3 OCA(H)s is the unknown. The first OCA of 1330 can certainly do without (not the SDF, the OCA before it). It's overengineered

Which could lay a foundation for sub-optimal ARINC 424 coding as the database specialist has no way of second-guessing the intention behind an element which is unnecessary from the outset. Then you get various fuzzy / quirky interpretations by onboard installation. Last comes the contemporary pilot who was trained FMS = RNAV = GOOD = NOT MODIFY (does not remember anything more or care, other practical experience largely absent or well-forgotten) and ATTEMPTS to make ad-hoc procedures to tie all the loose ends which are not part of the problem itself.

You've seen it before too.

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