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Originally Posted by Capn Bloggs View Post
SWH, all that is irrelevant because it doesn't explain why there are 3 different MDAs on that approach.
That is just the way Jepp publishes step down fixes inside the FAF, other chart providers only list one MDA. This isn’t the best chart Jepp has done, other providers have Trombay Hill clearly shown on the approach path with a MSA of 2100” shown to the left and below the 3.8 BBB waypoint. It’s a big feature that you fly close to, the Jepp chart gives the impression that it is flat terrain with just one mast.
in the FMC the coding is
FD32 +2600 -3.3
38VOR +1330 -3.3
28VOR +980 -3.3
MD32 350
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