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Thank you Capt. Bloggs, I was unaware of the ADSB out 2020 requirement for RPT. I lost a years flying thanks to Covid.

Vag, I understand and comply, however I don't understand why VFR aircraft (VH or RAA) without a transponder or radio(?) are permitted to operate in the vicinity of a CTAF with RPT operations.

RAA pilots are not approved to fly in CTA. An RAA aircraft may, provided it is equipped with a TSO'd radio and transponder and it is not precluded from flying over populous/ built up areas on its certificate and it is piloted by somone with a PPL and current BFR as well as an RAA certificate..

My normal practice as an amateur when inbound and an RPT aircraft calls inbound or departing is to defer to them and manoeuvre to keep well clear. A few orbits or slowing down until they are out of the way costs me nothing.

Yes, I work on the basis that i have NFI. I therefore plan and do revision.
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