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Originally Posted by bufe01 View Post
We are a semi Chinese company, been flying shit to and from China for decades. We live under a chinese dictatorship and now we have a conscience problem overflying Kamchatka. Suggest you lot worry about the 18 parked freighters that were making tons of money just three months ag˛.
I think its more like a majority owned colonial business, managed by the colonialists in 21st Century China, that is the problem.
If they were a true CCP airline they would have never rerouted their flights. Think this isn’t going to irk Beijing that fraction more?
BTW, the 18 freighters parked might have have something to do with that. This airline now has an identity crisis.

This also doesn't help slapped on every airframe when you are not a majority shareholder......but that's the arrogance of the management. Maybe time for a Bohemia Flower Flag, or should it be red and gold.

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