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Gosh, you really are hanging on quite tightly. Relax. Nothing we do here in Australia will affect the outcome.

So saying that “ Russia is taking what is theirs” refers to Vlad’s point of view. I do not think it is theirs to take and as I said, repeating for clarity, I think the invasion is appalling. He clearly believes that NOW is the time to invade, he has had thirty thousand troops there on the border for nearly a year. If he was crazy it is a very long drawn out craziness, which implies strategy. Why not just invade when “his mate” Trump was in office? Thereby assuring himself an easy reaction from the US? Have a think about that.
As to him doing “ what is best for Russia” I believe that HE believes that is what he is doing. The current RUB crash and the financial punishments will not last very long. Especially since Europe needs his gas. Can you imagine for one minute what would happen in Europe if he turned of gas supply? A very cold spring ahead I think. Any world leader wants to increase their empire, except Trudeau perhaps who knows what he wants. So accessing the trade route through Ukraine, their mineral reserves and access to ports is all a strategic win for Russia, which will last much longer than the sanctions.
As far as the western alliance response? Sleepy Joe will not even declare a no fly zone as he would not want to enforce it. Ukraine has specifically asked for a NFZ. What about the EU and their NATO allies? Very quiet n’est pas.
I may disagree with you but I will defend your right to say it. Personal attacks on me do you no credit, try playing the ball not the man.

Finally; the world is a tragedy to those who feel and a comedy to those who think - Horace Walpole 1769
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