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Originally Posted by Icarus2001 View Post
Where did I say I thought Vlad was doing the right thing?
When you write that Russia is "taking what is theirs" and putin is "doing what is best for Russia". You are a shill for Putin, and a complete disgrace. None of what you wrote is phrased in a way that says you're simply presenting the Russian side of the argument, if such a thing even exists. You assert it as objective fact. When your weak as piss 'argument' is challenged, you capitulate with nothing more than 'agree to disagree'.

Originally Posted by Icarus2001 View Post
Critical thinking is really a lost art.
A critical thought hasn't crossed the diminished synapses of your brain in a very long time I'd wager.

Originally Posted by Icarus2001 View Post
Take a look at what he is doing from the Russian history perspective rather than just consuming the woke media portrayal of him as some crazed lunatic.
The unbelievable arrogance to assert that my position, my understanding of current events could only be arrived at through superficial consumption of 'woke media'. And I thought you couldn't disgrace yourself further. My understanding of these events goes well beyond what I saw on "TMZ", you blithering pompous idiot. The Russian perspective may present insight into why these actions have taken place, but critically, any rational educated person would understand that this doesn't excuse their illegal and murderous conduct. Is the only reason you disagree with the Nazis that you don't understand their perspective?

And of course again, you defend the character of Putin, denying that he is a lunatic, despite him threatening to literally end all life on earth, to destroy the entire f'in planet should they come to the aid of a sovereign, free and democratic nation that he is currently invading.

Originally Posted by Icarus2001 View Post
I think the invasion is appalling (I don't believe that for a second) but I see what he doing rather than seeing a crazed megalomaniac.
You know what they say about the worth of any statement that is followed by "but" ?

You're a pathetic Putin shill, a disgrace to this board. There is no excuse, no justification, nothing at all that justifies what is happening to the people of Ukraine right now. Any attempt to do so merely marks one as an enemy of the liberal and free population of the world.
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