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Originally Posted by M_Frey View Post
Hi to everyone.
According the object I'm looking for some European ATCO with a current EASA Flight Licence.
The matters is the Language Proficency Check (ICAO LEVEL).
The question: your country Aviation Authority (supposing is the same were youre ATCOs and FlightCrewLicence are based) recognizes you the same Language Proficency for both licences or you need to obtain (and be current!!) for TWO separate Language Profincency, one as a ATCO and one as "pilot"????
Tks in advance for aswering
My CAA accepted my ATCO LP level 6 which was put onto my license with no expiration date. A few years ago regulations changed and I had to renew my LP for my ATCO license....level 6 again, surprisingly. I know of other guys who only had the ATCO LP accepted after a lengthy process. Itīs totally nuts to even think youīd need two different ones for ATCO and Flight License. I donīt have a clue how we survived before these regs were implemented.
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