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mccrindle reasearch survey 2013
When asked about their level of pride in Australia, 39% of Australians said they were very proud and that hadn’t changed, 31% said they were proud and getting prouder, and 23% indicated that while proud, they were less proud than they used to be.

The Australian flag has the nation’s vote for being the image or symbol about which we are most proud. 95% of Australians take pride in the national flag, which is enjoying increasing popularity, with half (50%) saying that they are extremely proud.

Almost 7 in 10 Australians (68%) are proud of the Aboriginal flag, with the Eureka flag eliciting the mixed response with 1 in 10 (10%) being extremely proud while 1 in 3 (35%) are uncomfortable with its use.

“While Australians have always been understated in their patriotic expressions, the overwhelming majority are very proud of this nation, and the sense of pride is either growing, or at least unchanged for most,” said social researcher Mark McCrindle. “The connection with the Australian flag is also notable – the highest response to it is “extremely proud” and it is the most embraced Australian symbol.”
Personally I see the upper left as representing our history, why should we not acknowledge it? It's good enough for the state of Hawaii, it too represents a significant part of their history. Perhaps my view is shaped by having served under the flag, as did my Father in WWII, and a brother KIA.
A new Aussie flag isn’t going to see the retirement of either the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander flags irrespective of how much of those designs are incorporated into the new flag.

So thinking a new flag will ‘unite’ the nation behind a new symbol is foolish given both those other flags are likely to remain cherished and in use by those who feel they best represent them.
Amen Keg.
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