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Originally Posted by NzAkL20 View Post
According to DM they have been stored according to Boeing. Sounds like porkies from somewhere, surely Boeing wouldn't of got it that wrong
Aircraft were stored as per Boeing, engines are leased so were also stored in consultation with GE and as per the maintenance contract requirements.
No ones going to argue that Auckland wasn't the best location for long term storage, but this notion that some rogue managers just did their own thing is pure nonsense. Be it the OP or his Engineering "contact" someone's inflating the story....

Last update from Fleet was that of the 3 Aircraft in Auckland, we've got good engines for 1 of them while 4 engines are currently in the shop. Sounds like Corrosion in the Compressor and/or Turbine section(s) requiring new blades. If that equates to $15M repairs to $20M engines then color me surprised. However, exactly how much it will cost and who will be paying how much (Leased engines on Maintenance contact) has not been released.
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