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Originally Posted by Check Airman View Post
Thanks. This is exactly what I was looking for. I'll note 2 things though:

1. The response concludes with them saying there's no technical objection. I take that to mean the hydraulics aren't an issue.........
Well, actually Airbus said there is no technical objection to you selecting Conf 3 and Conf Full before lowering the landing gear.

Do we use TOGA on every take-off ? No because it will wear out the engines more quickly. So why move more than one big hydraulic service user at a time, (and put a big demand on the hyd pump), if you don't need to, (and Airbus SOPs do not require it)

Sideline gripe on linguistics and not hydraulics. I read this sentence: "The SOP philosophy regarding landing gear extension is to get it down and locked before reaching the final landing configuration..........."
It's not perfect English, but I think its meaning is very clear?. "Select gear down and wait to ensure it is down and locked before selecting any further config, e.g Conf 3 or Full, i.e. final landing configuration.
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