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Originally Posted by Rie View Post
Many of the guys on 3 days home quarantine also held Christmas Parties with photos on Facebook. You never had to look far for someone breaching the rules. Guys were leaving the hotels outport since the beginning.
I'm glad it's finally broken the borders. HK needs this to even look like moving forward. It'll scare locals into vaccines.
The news just said, CX chairman and CEO both got summoned by Carrie Lam and were both heavily condemned by the CE.... This is exactly the same move that Chairman Xi pulled on Jack Ma and many other billionaires in China, if the big man is unhappy, someone will be reprimanded... And given shxt rolls downhill, guess what's going to happen next... It will be Healy/Augustus -> Kempis -> respective CPs -> anyone else who has stripes on their shoulders... I said that before, the CE only cares about the border with the motherland, anyone who even remotely affect her plan to reconnect with the motherland will be punished...

The Covid 0 strategy will NOT change, you guys seriously need to get someone to translate some Chinese news to you. There are words coming out of Xian, which has been in lockdown for 8-9 days now, that people only have enough food to have 1 meal per day as they are completely locked in their home with groceries delivered by the authorities. Motherland does not care about vaccines, it cares about COVID 0. Stop dreaming that HK can move forward, HK is a baby in a pram, it wouldn't move unless the mother pushes it
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