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To answer safetypee, I suspect the recovery was initiated when the crew belatedly realised that the autopilot was not engaged. The report will confirm who was flying. However I am familiar with Aberdeen and whilst not difficult it is relatively short and as already pointed out busy mainly with North Sea helicopter traffic. My money would be on the captain giving the easy leg to Palma to the FO who had not done a lot of flying recently with the captain flying to Aberdeen. The report says he had a lot of hours but less than 10% of it was on the 737. He had also been off flying for an extended covid related period, only returning the previous month. This is pure speculation. But I could easily imagine a scenario where the captain pressed TOGA (reverting perhaps to old habits) and thinking the autopilot would fly the go-around and the two of them became task saturated cleaning up the airplane and not overspeeding the flaps with nobody flying. As the sink rate and speed increased someone (quite probably the captain) took control of the aircraft. It is salutary how quickly a high rate of descent built up and the time it took them to react. It seems the authorities were also alarmed that this could be indicative of wider problems with out of practice crews.
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