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Originally Posted by skianyn vannin View Post
I used to use it to find out where the aircraft I was due to takeover was in flight and its ETA. Certainly more accurate than the nonsense the handling agent told me.
Oh so true…our company OPs lost us after a diversion once….literally didn’t even know what country we had been in for best part of 24 hours…anyhow I digress - as far as Flight Radar goes…:

A few years back…LHR, snow (so what follows was almost inevitable…)….we’ve briefed and are expecting a “on time departure”

Get to gate….no aircraft…..check iPad - company sources. We and G-XXXX are supposedly both at the advertised gate…..I have a think, check a non-company source on t’internet…

Ring OPs…

Me ”Where’s our aircraft”

Them: “on stand XXX”

Me” “we’re there now, I’m looking out of the window. there’s no aircraft, are we still meant to be on G-XXXX?”

Them “Yep”

Me: “Oh, interesting because I’ve just checked Flight radar and the aircraft is currently over Lands End, inbound”

Them: “Hang on” … click…..wrrrrrrr……………..
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