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It must be possible to work out quite a lot about an airline's operations from FR24*, for instance, punctuality, cruise speed, taxi times, turnaround times - but is such knowledge of sufficient value that any airline would employ someone to do it? Would probably have been a dream job for me in the distant past.

*other similar products exist
The short answer is yes, airlines do employ people to look at that type of data. Every airline is different of course, but mine works that all out from the raw data supplied directly from the aircraft to our servers into both custom-built and third-party programs. My airline does not use FR24, but the programs we use do a similar job. For example, engine manufacturers have engine condition programs that permit a computer to take all the data points from an engine and then compare those against data from all the other engines in service. This allows the identification of issues within an engine ahead of time and permits better maintenance planning. The same goes for almost everything else in an airline. So much so that many airlines are accused of being IT companies that own a bunch of airplanes.
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