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Originally Posted by Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! View Post
I was looking at some of the Peenemunde photographs and I noticed how the shadows made it so much easier to identify the launch tower and that the blast pit was cut into the ground and it got me thinking: Were reconnaissance sorties specifically planned for early morning or late evening to take advantage of the low sun angle?

...and if they were, did the enemy, or for that matter us, take this into consideration and expect those sorties to occur at those times?
One of the things that wasn't well known was the 3D imagery that was used to build a picture of Peenemunde.
As far as I have always understood it, Peenemunde was photographed mainly by aircraft 'returning' from somewhere else in Germany, so not to arouse suspicion.
I wouldn't have thought they would have flown over at specific times, but with the 3D imagery taking pictures at certain times during daylight may not have been important?
One would have thought navigating back after dark after a late evening sortie would have been possible in a Mosquito, but somewhat difficult in a Spitfire.
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