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While confirming operations would continue in Alberta, the ministry of defence said the British Army is restructuring “to be lighter, more agile and more lethal to meet the threats of the future,” which would include rebalancing of vehicle fleets to deal with threats and focus on Europe’s armoured forces.

To remain in line with defence priorities, the ministry said armoured training may be flexed to locations such as Oman.
Read as smaller, cheaper and less of it, you’re main battle tanks regunned may be more lethal, but it’s only getting the gun that was originally intended for it 25 years ago, Hitler also worked on the premise of having superior quality armour over quantity and how did that work out for him?

We have gone from 900 tanks in the 80’s to 148 of the “new” version, agile, they’ll need to be to plug the holes in the line or for retreating.
Lighter alright, they have cut the army numbers by 25% in the last 11 years.

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