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Do R.A.F.airfields give braking action on contaminated runways? I was very much involved in contaminated runway performance calculations for the Nimrod in the late 70's ( dates me)
When I moved to civilian flying, airfields used a mu meter to give braking action on contaminated runways, but stopped doing so in the early 2000's. Apparently the readings could be inaccurate, and either the lawyers were afraid the airfield operator could be sued or the CAA rulled agaist their use in contamination. It all came down to "Captain's assessment".
Not long before I retired in 2005, I was assured by ATC at a well known airfield that the runway was now cleared of snow. I arranged to start boarding the pax, but in the meantime insisted that ATC take me out to check the runway for myself. Got to the "cleared" runway, got out of the Landrover, and if I had not still been holding onto the door, I would have gone flat on my ass. It was clear of snow, but was like a skating rink. Back to the aircraft, tell pax I am cancelling the flight, and drive home. Very carefully.
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