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The Cessna 170B and 180 were originally designed with 40 flap available, as they were commonly used "in the bush" and on skis and floats, where the 40 flap was useful in getting into tight places. The original 172 was pretty well a tricycle 170B, so the wings continued to have 40 flap. The 180/185s had 40 flap through their entire production run. However, in the late '70's, Cessna obviously thought that the 152, and 172 no longer needed 40 flap, as they rarely fly in a role which demands that configuration.

The Cessna 150 had 40 flap through it's production run, perhaps until the very few 1977 models built. The 152 was never offered with 40 flap. Keeping spare fuses available for the mid year 150's was a good idea! I did blow the flap fuse with full flaps extended on a night overshoot once (deer on the runway), but it climbed away fine, as long as you were gentle with it.

The Cessna 305 AKA L19/O1 and Bird Dog, was a variation of a Cessna 170B, though with a very different (tandem) cockpit. But the wings were pretty well 170B wings, other than flaps which extended to 60 degrees. This was common to the later Siai Marchetti 1019, which was a turbine derivative of the Bird Dog. 60 flap landing do require some mentoring, and a gentle touch!

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