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Just to clarify a couple of things about “EASA” training in the USA:

1. You’ll be flying US registered airplanes in US Airspace which is significantly different from European ( Dutch) airspace.
2. You will be flying with FAA trained instructors that at the most have done a ‘standardization’ course with an EASA approved flight instructor.
3. As you are training in the USA you will have to meet the FAA training standards, especially for all solo flights which means additional maneuvers that are not taught in an EASA syllabus.
4. FAA PPL has night flying included, EASA does not unless they upsell you a Night Qualification Course.
5. Having flown only in the USA, familiar with US Airspace, procedures and US Radiotelephony phraseology ( or lack thereof) you will need a significant amount of transition training to be proficient in Dutch Airspace, procedures and the like before you can rent solo.

The total combination of the above PLUS the very limited selection of EASA approved schools in the US leads me to the recommendation of doing your EASA written exams over the winter followed by FAA PPL and timebuiding late spring early summer.
Followed by training as required back in Holland for an EASA PPL.
This won’t be much more that what you would have to fly under 5. ( above)

It used to be that you could do a abbreviated conversion FAA > EASA if you had a 100 hrs total experience.
Or a 100 hrs Pilot In Command, I forgot.
You can ask the authorities.
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