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This old "chestnut" about Airspeed with Elevator and Glide Path with Power versus Point and Power comes up time and again!

My own view about this stems from the observation that most flight training starts on single engined arcraft and has since the Wrights. Therefore for the student to be prepared to survive a forced landing he has to be taught the former technique - if he happened to be a glider pilot then this would be instinctive to him (speed/elevator glidepath/spoilers) To state the obvious - with no engine then power cannot be used for speed control.

Neither technique is the only way to do things. With a jet there tends to be a flatter Lift/Drag Curve thus if lift has to be increased then either the pitch has to be increased or the aerofoil accelerated - there is no benefit from increased airflow over the wing from increased power.

John Farley tells an amusing story in his book about being subjected dogmatically to the first technique on a CFS course so he deliberately flew an approach too slowly to 50 ft. then passed control to his instructor and said "now show me Pitch for Airspeed, Sir!!"

Point and Power is definitely an easier technique to master- in my opinion. (standing by for incoming!!)
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