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Flying Frog, thanks for your reply , my understanding is exactly the same as yours. I realise that I now have a ICAO compliant UK PPL ( formerly EASA issued in UK) and that I cannot exercise the privileges of that license without a Valid UK Class 2 medical. However Iím not trying to do that, Iím converting to EASA and part of that process will involve submitting my current license. As part of that process I thought it was best to update the address on the license , they may not care about that of course but I suspect they will because one thing the regulatory bodies are very good at is meaningless beaurocracy . I wrote to CAA and submitted SRG 2156 which is the address change form to which you refer and they refused to change the address on the basis that I donít currently have a valid class 2 issued in UK. I donít see how thatís relevant to the address change. Iím only updating the license so that when I submit it as part of the EU license conversion itís correct. Even if they change the address i canít use the license to fly in UK or indeed anywhere else until I get a class 2 medical from UK.
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