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Originally Posted by SaulGoodman View Post
16 or 13K doesn’t really matter.
You got a better idea? Ok, it is a turbine aircraft with good altitude performance, so maybe that's only a small difference in altitude, fair enough.
The pilot report stated, "The stall and subsequent spin happened when we allowed too many jumpers on the outside step, " ... but that doesn't say whether it was "more than usual" or just "too much for the given conditions".
Because it was a special event, maybe the number of people for that group was larger than usual or more focused than usual in keeping tightly packed near the doorway -- while at the same time perhaps the DZ's rules on the number of floaters wasn't that well established or perhaps communicated.

But it doesn't matter in the end too much here to us out on the internet. The drop zone would know "what factor changed", why a normal everyday jump run procedure didn't work this particular time.

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