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Originally Posted by 57mm View Post
Looking at the ads for the new Sky Glass system, with no need for a dish and embedded sound bar and woofer, it certainly cuts down on the current wiring and external gadgetry required. However, since it streams everything, I wonder if current broadband speeds will be enough for 5he system to work smoothly. And will it be worth the expense?
OK if you want to pay a lot of money to watch free TV and be miffed if your internet connection slows to a treacle I suppose. It's a bit like going back to the 70's where you rented a colour TV and they took it away if you stopped paying. It's far more cost effective to buy a smart TV (they have satellite and terrestrial tuners these days), from the huge range of choice out there, and pay a smaller sub to stream your Sky premium channels through the built in Now TV app....no extra box needed unless you want a soundbar.
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