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Originally Posted by LTCTerry View Post
I was a SWO with an interest in aviation. I knew enough about timing, logistics, flying, navigation, and math to pick up building a daily air plan pretty quickly. My boss was an A-6 pilot and his deputy an A-6 bombardier/navigator.
You may or may not be interested in the Future Carrier thread, which Asturias56 mentioned - 320 pages (at the moment) about the RN's struggle to retain, and then to rebuild a credible capability.

You might be interested in this discussion on another defence orientated site: Late 1970s US Congress Report - The US Sea Control Mission (carriers needed in the Atlantic)

The contributions of ECMO1 - a former US Navy EA-6B EMCO wwith a huge amount of experience of carrier operations, are particularly interesting, and are a refreshing change to the view frequently expressed by the media that the carrier (and group) exists solely to hit targets ashore.
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