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Originally Posted by falcon900 View Post
I am watching the HMS Trenchant series. Having scoffed at the BBC farce "Vigil" I am having to eat my words, truth it would appear is stranger than fiction after all! The Russians dont seem to need to infiltrate the crew to cause the boat to surface / return to port.
In the course of the first two episodes, they have had to surface to offload a sailor with a blistered hand, lost half of the refrigeration capacity within 4 days of leaving port, had an engine room fire necessitating a return to port, lost the use of all heads, and had a failure of the air scrubbers necessitating the entire crew breathing emergency air. One can only hope that the reactor and the weapons are more reliable.........
The apparently appalling reliability of the boat is so bad that I find myself asking whether this is a set up by the Navy to garner public sympathy and support for greater investment. The Vigil producers would have discarded this script as being way too far fetched.
Wonder what happened to the captain between first and second show. Either they spent a long time in port to fix the engine or a he was removed. Also I use this series as an example of why australia would be stupid to take these as interim boats for the possible incoming SSN's
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