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43 Inches - Seriously - you are very lax with your facts, and this -
I could cure your Covid affliction with a swift hammer to the cranium, you would die, the virus would then die as it has no live feed to survive on, Covid eradicated. Like I gave the wolf example earlier, they are the doctors of the wild by being lazy hunters and preying on the sick and weak, which strengthens the herds by killing off the sick before they can infect others. Your treatment has to have tangible benefits over the side effects, which at the dosage required is not clear. Anyway there has already been one patient in Sydney with Ivermectin poisoning, who would have had no issues with covid had he just rested for the time he had it, so the stupid is still out there.
- seriously - I produced a scientific paper excerpt and you talk about hitting people in the head with a hammer. Pathetic
I'm treating you as you should be, a joke in itself, sorry but you consistent insisting that Ivermectin is some wonder drug for covid has passed it's used by date and you can see most here have had enough of it. When it comes out we are wrong come back and debate it, but spreading it to the other dumbasses so they fill up hospital wards in the meantime because they are taking it without prescription is all you are achieving.

I suggest if you are that genuine in your Ivermectin belief that you take it to a medical forum as spruiking it's usefulness to pilots is a complete waste of time.

The thread is about getting vaccinated and whether Qantas should have mandated it. Ivermectin means nada to it as it will neither help resolve the issue of mandatory vaccination or lead to lifted restrictions on us flying.
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