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Initial Class one

Would anyone in the know like Radgirl or anyone else be able to give their take on my situation.

50 ish years of age, looking to renew my UK ATPL. Long expired UK CAA class one medical (13 years or so) so I know I have to do a whole new Initial Class One. I've been flying for an overseas carrier obviously with another ICAO class one for some years for which my history includes, functional systolic ejection murmur, slightly enlarged left atrium (on ECG and Echo, but normal rhythm, and no AF), high cholesterol and whitecoat hypertension. Never been refused or delayed the issue of the certificate, and always assessed as fit without the need for OML. I'm on ARB's for the blood pressure and Statins.

My question is, do you think any of these would any of these be disqualifying for an Initial Class One?..I assume they'll want my past medical history and I assume they'll want me to have a Cardiac Review with various tests. Am I in for a long battle?

I pass my ICAO class one with no problem at renewals but Im concerned that the standards for the CAA Initial Class One are more stringent.

Thanks in advance
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