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Originally Posted by redsnail View Post
Hi 5strypes, many of the basic questions can be answered with the FAQs.
However, to summarise, the roster is either 6 on 5 off or 7 on 6 off. (Fleet dependent). 22 days leave increasing to 28 days.
Fleeting is on business needs. Generally, you'll start on the Phenom/Excel/Latitude. Occasionally Challenger/Falcon/Global. It honestly depends.
Time to command. How long is a piece of string? When I joined, it was weeks/months. A few years later, well, many FOs are still waiting.
To minimise disappointment, I'd plan at least 5-10 years. Command is based on seniority and passing the course. Seniority gives you the opportunity.
You are paid from day 1 Indoc. You don't have to pay for the type rating.
EASA licence only.
As buzzc152 has said, there are opportunities to increase your salary with extra work in Summer. Again, that is on a needs basis.

I am probably one of the lucky ones. I have managed to keep my job during downturns etc, I'm on a great fleet (Chally 350) and LHS. I love the crews I work with, the overnights can be amazing, the job variety and the interactions with our owners is something I really enjoy, flying into Samedan on a clear winter's day is incredible.
My husband flies an Airbus. He'd swap with me, I wouldn't swap with him.
First of all, just wow! I am absolutely intrigued by your joining date to this forum!

Secondly, thank you very much for all the information. It is definitely appreciated. Are there also things that we could consider the negative things of being an employee at NJE? And I am not looking for sensational stuff or badmouthing. Just trying to work out what things would come up that one should consider before joining. I think captain upgrade is already one item on this list. Other than that, any?
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