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Originally Posted by 5strypes View Post
Thanks for the details. The FAQ certainly help and have some great detail. Time to command sounds reasonable. Is there a major difference in schedule/destinations between fleets/any better than others?
Well, I haven't seen many NJE Phenom crews in the Caribbean. Nor have I seen the Global guys in Cannes.
The roster is as explained. Unless on the Global, you'll be 6 days on, 5 off. Happily, the days off are yours.
The popular destinations like Nice, Paris, Zurich, Geneva, Farnborough, Athens, Frankfurt, Palma, Munich, Ibiza, etc you'll find all fleets. Can make for a very social evening. (a real plus). There's nothing "normal" or "schedule" at NJE. Some days have just one sector, others, 4 sectors.

There's the summer destinations. Think beach, superyachts, sunshine, islands etc.
Then there's the winter destinations. The Alps. Cue special airports. Challenging but fun. (yep, you'll be loading all that luggage too).

Good luck.
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